Symbiosis between color and care

me mademoiselle - Haarfarbe name - sicher


reliable color results
with up to 100% opacity


was checked by a team of experienced hairdressers

me mademoiselle - Haarfarbe name - schonend


with duo-protein complex consisting of keratin and rice protein for gentle coloring

The MeMademoiselle coloring concept,
consisting of 181 shades of permanent hair color, leaves nothing to be desired.
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
me mademoiselle - Haarfarbe name - Nuancenvielfalt


181 shades
of permanent hair color

me mademoiselle - Haarfarbe name - wertvolle Inhaltsstoffe


with argan oil
for high color brilliance

me mademoiselle - Haarfarbe name - einfach anzuwenden


quick and easy to learn
number system

me mademoiselle - ohne tierversuche

without animal testing

me mademoiselle - dermatologisch getestet

dermatologically tested

me mademoiselle - familientradition

80 years of family tradition

me mademoiselle - ohne mikroplastik

free of microplastics

me mademoiselle von berlin - Made in Germany

Made in Germany

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